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Pastoral care is a kind of helping relationship that seeks to provide spiritual guidance to people from a religious perspective. It’s related to chaplaincy, and has some overlap with social work, too.

A vast majority of people who encounter crisis first look for help from churches and religious leaders. However, not all pastors or ministers are equipped to deal with trauma, grief, or complicated situations. In cases where one requires spiritual help (and often partnered with a licensed clinical professional), a pastoral care provider can help an individual make sense of the world with spiritual eyes.

Pastoral counseling isn’t just for people in crisis. Pastoral counseling or Christian counseling can also be helpful for people who want to grow in their faith, overcome obstacles, and thrive (not just survive).

Will Sipling, a provider of pastoral care and counseling, enjoys helping people make sense of life, spirituality, discouragement, and more. Inspired by the Catholic tradition and mysticism, Will uses a whole-person integrated approach to dive deep into personality, story, and one’s faith journey.

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