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Project management consulting enables teams to meet challenges by creating scalable processes, plug-and-play workflows, and budget monitoring. Project management consultants help you lead sizeable cross-functional project teams on strategic projects.

Proven methodologies, like the PMI Standards, help project teams create and maintain sound plans. As consultants, Phronesis Care doesn’t execute your project. Instead, we set you up for success so your team can coordinate all project support activities. Project management consultants must simultaneously evaluate many aspects of your organization, from team culture to software to your management team.

Who Needs Project Management Consulting?

Who should use Phronesis Care project management consulting? Successful companies that need help in planning and implementing complex business projects or companies that realize that their success requires streamlining and efficiencies.

For example, marketing, customer service, or sales teams may realize that they have difficulty staying on schedule, delivering projects on or under budget, or doing repetitive tasks that consume valuable time.

For example, a company may have a project consultant who monitors sales data and works to reduce risks and improve product quality.


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What Do I Need to Get Started with Project Management Consulting?

Consulting project managers need to effectively interpret and analyze raw data to determine which business processes need to be improved. Phronesis Care can assist companies in identifying strategies for improvement and implementing those improvements to support growth and success.

Your project management processes should provide information about available resources and data on previous projects. This information can show where you might need more or fewer resources, where you tend to misjudge hours for specific tasks, or where some resources may be more productive than others.

You should have analytics showing the progress of a task, information about when you used budgets, and whether spending met forecasts.

By actively tracking the number of projects, you can adjust the budget for each activity to match the overall project budget. Tracking the number of tasks helps you manage expectations and keep the project profitable.

How Project Management Consulting Works

The Project Plan

The initial project plan will also give you a clear idea of the resources needed to complete an audit and implement a new system. It will include a detailed management process and timeline. If you have already implemented project risk management, we can help you improve it and take it to the next level.

Our project management methodology starts at the initial planning stage with your key stakeholders. According to a clear plan, projects that match your business goals are implemented under the right supervision by the right team of professionals.

Working with Teams and Team Members

We’ll find the best methods of keeping projects on time. These methods include management, Kanban project management, Lean project management, Agile project management, and more.

We’ll audit all the ins and outs of projects to determine what’s not working—and how to smooth things out. We’ll work with human resources, finance, operations, and many other departments.

Creating Suggestions and Strategies

We will provide highly qualified and certified business managers and analysts to provide a full range of PMO services, including project management planning, analysis, processes, tools and templates, project assistance, reporting, training, coaching, mentoring, and more.

We provide software selection and implementation consulting services to find the right software for your business. We then recommend the appropriate project strategy, planning, and implementation services to help you achieve the project’s predictable outcome.

What Makes a Good Project Management Consultant

It’s never too early to ask a program or project manager to help you assemble the right team for your project. Consultants boost you because they’re outside experts with fresh eyes. With the right consultants, you can always rely on someone with the right skills to help you form the most effective team and launch your project.

Previous technical experience is a must-have. A good, tech-savvy manager can help your team work more efficiently by selecting technologies previously used on their other projects. Many successful project consultants earn degrees in business management, finance, accounting, marketing, computer science, and information technology.

Project consultants often have strong leadership and interpersonal skills to help their teams develop project plans and accomplish essential tasks. Further, project consultants can provide unique information, knowledge, and abilities to help prepare in-house management for leadership in their organizations.

Project consultants help companies solve complex operational problems and often have strong marketing, finance, and supply chain management skills. We understand your unique business needs and manage your projects with hands-on, personalized engagement that ensures your business.

We will provide highly qualified and certified business managers and analysts to provide a full range of PMO services, including project management planning, analysis, processes, tools and templates, project assistance, reporting, training, coaching, mentoring, and more.

Should You Hire a Project Management Consultant?

Successful projects strengthen your organization and the communities you serve. Let’s be honest: well-managed projects are the key to your long-term career success. With the help of Phronesis Care consulting, we’ll help you achieve your goals and remain flexible in a changing market.

Clients in all industries—including non-profits, higher education, religious institutions, marketing, and advertising agencies, and PR firms—are hiring project management consultants to improve the effectiveness of their programs. Project management consultants are responsible not only for implementing project management plans for the successful completion of the project but also for the timely implementation of projects within the budget and allocated resources.

To successfully plan a release, the entire team will need a prioritized product backlog assessment, estimated team speed, and other overall project goals. Once the plan is ready, break the project down into smaller tasks and assign responsibility for those tasks to the team.

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